Offering in-person private ​sessions and small group classes ​in Singapore Math for primary ​students to build confidence and ​improve performance.

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My Tutor ​Nana

Christine ​MacCormack

About Nana

Chris MacCormack is a retired teacher, with a BA in ​Science and an MA in Spanish and English Teaching, ​who likes to stay connected with her students and has a ​lifelong passion for teaching. She has taught in the U.S. ​and overseas for over 5 decades and for the past two ​years she managed a large team of volunteer teachers ​helping Afghan refugees learn English. It was such a ​successful and rewarding experience that she is now ​ready to offer her services to other students in the ​Bradenton area.

Chris not only has over 500 hours of experience as ​a paid and volunteer tutor, but she is also a member of ​the National Tutor Association. She is very excited to ​offer face-to-face classes with children and adults and, ​in addition to tutoring, she is willing to discuss ​possibilities for home school education in West ​Bradenton.

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My Tutor Nana offers small group and private math and ​reading tutoring in her home or in your W. Bradenton ​home for children in grades 3rd - 7th at affordable ​prices. She uses Singapore math which starts with ​hands on practice.

Your child can be successful!

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Singapore Math has had great success ​worldwide with its approach to helping ​children understand the concepts of ​math instead of memorizing rules and ​facts. Chris uses real objects such as ​blocks, rods, pizza slices, and ​textbooks, along with ample personal ​attention to help students overcome ​conceptual hurdles and succeed in ​math. She strongly believes a huge ​part of teaching and learning is ​enjoying the process and celebrating ​the small wins along the way.

Singapore Math

Service Area and ​Cost

Private tutoring is available and

ALSO small group classes for 2-4 ​students at a similar level to add to the ​fun and greatly reduce the cost .

Sessions can be at Chris’s home ​located in West Bradenton or at your ​home IF located less than 5 miles.

Parents are welcome to stay and ​observe or drop off students.

Private individual sessions are ​$25/hour.( paid monthly)

Small groups are $120 for 8 weeks

(1 hour per week min.)

*A free initial skills assessment will be ​included. All materials are included.

To West Bradenton parents,

Summer vacation can become ​boring for children so why not give ​them a chance to boost their skills ​and confidence and use their time ​productively and pleasantly at least ​a few hours a week. The students I ​have appreciate the skill level ​appropriate challenges, the games, ​and the one-on-one respectful ​attention of a patient teacher.

I enjoy working with them and hope ​to connect with more of my neighbors ​to see MYTutorNana grow.

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